About ARMA

Our everyday actions rest on 4 pillars representing ARMA’s core values: teamwork and commitment, innovation and knowledge, performance and leadership and customer satisfaction.

Our History

ARMA Conception, also known as ARMA, was founded in Wiesbaden City – Germany in 2003, issued from specific automation development requests from German companies.

As the years went by, with the experience acquired from its first contracts, ARMA developed and launched PlanTask™ PRO  in 2006 and InventTask™ PRO in 2008, which were two distinct applications that helped companies manage their maintenance and procurement activities.

PlanTask™ PRO and InventTask™ PRO were successful in Germany, France, Tunisia, and even in Canada .

ARMA then launched, in 2011, its APMS application (ARMA Production Management System), which was specialized in manufacturing production management.


In 2013, ARMA launched a new application which combined PlanTaskInventTask and APMS in one application, improving the user-friendliness of its software.

This new application, which is simply called ARMA™ PRO, contains the ARMA Maintenance, ARMA Procurement and ARMA Production modules. These can be used separately or interactively.
Soon after, to meet growing demand, the Time management module was developed and added to the ARMA interface.

Since 2015, the application is offered in « hosting » mode, making it available to more companies.

In 2016, ARMA launched the automated Test Systems and solutions Activities, based on NI(National Instruments) Technologies, and launched a new applications:

  • ToniTask™ PRO, software  which  is ARMA’s advanced Vision analysis software used in industrial Product Inspection to improve production efficiencies and product quality.
  • ToniServer™ software used to record valuable production data and machine status information from one or more of Inspection machines and consolidates it into a single centralized database.
  • ARMA Tracking ToolKit: An Advanced NI Industrial Vision Toolchain.

Between 2018 & 2022, ARMA launched the smart factory solutions activities and launched  new applications:

  • WorkAssist® Software, a digital assistance  platform to easily digitize and augment your most important front line processes and deploy them as smart visual work instructions to assist your front line teams in the flow of work.
  • EVOLUTION® FACTORY Software Package, to enable digitization and integration of manufacturing and supply chain processes, empowering operators, supervisors and plant managers to proactively manage the production execution process thru streamlined transactions and KPI(Key-Performance-Indicator) enablement. Real-time interactive boards drive operation excellence.
  • ArmaCMMS software, is an award-winning platform that helps thousands of professionals worldwide automate workflows, track asset data and apply predictive maintenance.

Users can easily manage work orders, schedule maintenance activities, and more across multiple locations. Empower your teams with real-time, actionable insights in your local language.

With time, ARMA has innovated by listening to its customers.
Today, its software is used in more than 600 companies on 3 continents. ARMA has integrated bar code management, Web access and other complimentary features, making it even more user-friendly. Moreover, ARMA has developed unique applications for its clients’ specific needs, for example in geomatics and automation. What does the future hold for ARMA ? That depends on its clients’ needs, current and future, and on technological advances.


ARMA also has an international division, thanks to its subsidiary, ARMA Technological Solutions Inc. With help from its long-time partner in Tunisia, ARMA is present in this country with its sales and implementation office.
Furthermore, ARMA has also developed partnerships with companies in France, and Tunisia.