IT Services

Extensive experience and a high degree of flexibility highlights ARMA IT Services

We support our customers from different sectors in overcoming their challenges not only in their Software development and integration process but also after their go live.

Software Development & Integration

ARMA drives Software Development & Integration to the next level

ARMA added value:

  • Specialized Software development in all environments
  • Definition and strengthening the best practices and architecture guidelines
  • Analysis of complex issues
  • Release deployments and maintenance of system configurations
  • Planning of infrastructure to maintain service of applications
  • Operational support

Governance and Analysis

ARMA takes ownership and manages highly sensitive projects

Areas of expertise include:

Involvement in the entire project development cycle
Highly trained consultants for sensitive topics such as team management, risk management, requirements analysis, etc.
Technical coordination with product owners and development teams located within Switzerland and abroad


With our extensive expertise in Testing, ARMA has a proven track record in a wide range of industries

ARMA added value:

  • Testing as a Service (TaaS) and Mobile Testing as a Service (mTaaS)
  • Creation and Design of Test Strategy / Methodology
  • Conduction of Test Process Improvement (TPI)
  • COTS Testing
  • Supervision of testing activities to desired extend